Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dangers of vaccines for Obama

Health care debate is now everywhere in the media. At the same time, much less given to the questions of the influenza vaccine efficacy, potential side effects, and virtually absent from the debate is any mention of the tragic history of vaccines.

On 11 June, the World Health Organization (who) has raised the alert level to level six, which means that a global pandemic is in progress.The who has a set of international health regulations (IHR) are legally binding on 194 signatory countries, including the United States under the DSV, which has the ability to override the Constitution of the United States and to make it compulsory vaccinations.

Executive Decree 13375 permits Federal quarantine and isolation of individuals to prevent the spread of various diseases, including birds which could cause a pandemic. Under this series 2005, anyone who violates a quarantine may be punished by a fine of $ 250,000 a year prison term.

Another project was released in 2005 by the U.S. Department of health and human services (HHS) provides that the domestic response activities carried out in a vast plan coordinated response to federal, State and local groups led by the Department of Homeland Security.

A document by the Association of State and territorial health officials (ASTHO) offers a plan for pandemic influenza preparedness proposed, inter alia, isolation, compulsory vaccination and the use of law enforcement and the National Guard support.

The Government of the UNITED STATES hopes to have 85 million doses of the new vaccine by the end of October, and the Government has ordered a total of 195 million doses.

These issues raise serious questions about the safety of the vaccine, and issues around health freedom and right to left. There are a few doctors in the United States who are bravely on the safety of the vaccine, dynamic and known vaccination reaction and the ability to obtain an exemption. These include Robert o. Young, Dr. Mercola and Dr Rima e. Laibow. Google any of them to further investigate General dark world of vaccination, or components of the H1N1 vaccines.

The three of them are doing everything they can to alert people about the dangers of vaccines against H1N1. Among the hundreds of pages of information which they have jointly in recent months, the following collection of Paints a disturbing picture of the toxic potential who may want to consider people.

Live virus vaccine was 2.3 times greater genetic mutability of a natural infection. Also additional toxicity, because it contains squalene. Squalene have serious implications for autoimmune, which is an important potential threat to the health of a person in congressional hearings held in 2004, squalene was considered to be the main cause of 300,000 words with the syndrome Gulf war, which have submitted an application for full disability. This represents a very high percentage of veterinarians were introduced with vaccines containing squalene.

It has been reported that the H1N1 vaccine contains dangerous & threatening fillers, formaldehyde, tissues and live viruses, including pig DNA and RNA, viral and bacterial proteins and genetically engineered viruses. Other vaccine components include mercury numerous studies have shown to be linked with skyrocketing rates of autism in young children. Live viruses contagious and people who have been vaccinated may be contagious for weeks after they have been vaccinated.

Those who refuse vaccinations may be jailed or held indefinitely in secret camps established by States or FEMA/. The classification as a level 6 pandemic allows international law to override the Constitution to justify American martial law and the detention for those who refuse to vaccinate.
A British Medical Journal stated that evidence of a meta-analysis of existing research shows that vaccines have little or no effect on the prevention or minimisation of avian influenza.

Vitamin D3 has proven are diseases when taken at the appropriate level for the individual.Robert o. Young says that the scientific evidence shows 50 grams of vitamin c given intravenously one to three times will give 100% exemption from this or any other flu.Recommends further that until now, the data show that vaccination of 95% or more than one population does not contribute to the cessation of outbreaks of the disease in people vaccinated for.Instead, on the basis of scientific evidence, mass compulsory vaccinations with a highly variable live viruses may actually leave a deadly pandemic instead of stop.

We have a constitutional right to freedom of religious choice to be vaccinated or not.

One very important action people can be to get a ' form of religious exemption ' from the public health service. Having a form of religious exemption for the file may be the only exception for different compulsory vaccinations.But it is vital that this step before vaccination is mandated by the Federal Government or.For example, in Florida, it is necessary for each person to stay in an Office situation Health Department to obtain a form.It can be downloaded from the Internet, and an adult cannot select a form to another adult.

The religious exemption is based on the idea that it is against any religious beliefs to Inject any alien virus or animal tissues in the body we could say that this is a violation of the directive of God in order to maintain the body as a sacred Temple, free from impurities-where vaccines are rife with impurities and other forms of life ...

It may be useful to understand that the State cannot punish one religion over another, and can do all kinds of crisis in religious belief. So you need not explain any more than what was stated above directly. is so simple to get the format for the file If it sticks when coming around with UN troops is another matter.

Cole Simonson is passionate about learning and the exchange of information about the options in the holistic health; He is the Chairman of which produces holistic events, and has over 30 years of experience as a project manager in the field of information technology.

Matt has also developed an idea to take our Government back from the gross levels of corruption within the rules for further Exploration of this idea, see the other website,

Matt also has owned and operated a health food store and holistic Centre where he was responsible for the production of discussions, workshops and has worked with the film. Hopi indians to gain access to the United Nations, resulting in the Cry of indigenous land Conference 1993. This was a workshop presenter dating back to 1991, and is a published author. Cole is also the Coordinator of the metaphysical Orlando for the past two years.

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