Saturday, October 9, 2010

FDA Consulting and Vaccinations

Modern science and vaccinations have led to several of the world's deadliest diseases among infants being wiped out in developed countries like Britain and the US. However they are only effective when the whole population is vaccinated, otherwise infections and diseases like smallpox and measles can attack those most vulnerable. The development of new vaccines is governed by strict regulations, and FDA consulting is vital to ensure that public safety is maintained. The regulating bodies test every lot of vaccines that is produced before it is given to the public as this reduces the chance of any adverse side effects caused by the vaccine.
Recently there has been public concern over the safety and effectiveness of the Gardasil/Cervarix vaccine used to prevent Human Papillomavirus or HPV and cervical cancer in girls aged between 9 and 26. The FDA in the US has promised to keep a close eye on any adverse effects reported to health care officials following a vaccination, but so far their results have found no common causes to the side effects reported.

To Vaccinate or Not-It's Your Decision

Should I vaccinate my child, and if so, with what? You ask.
Answer: After two decades of research, soul searching, and education with this most controversial issue, my answer has to be--Yes. . .You should vaccinate your child AND your pet for the most common diseases they will be exposed to in everyday life.
Now, if I haven't lost you permanently yet, let me explain...
How would you feel if you decided not to vaccinate your child and he/she came down with polio? I have several clients with Post Polio Syndrome, and let me tell you, their life is constant and unending pain. Granted, you may have a bank account large enough to overcome a case of Parvo in your puppy (if it survives,) but is it worth it for the puppy to have to go through that? Or Feline Leukemia in your cat? Vaccines are cheap and effective insurance for these deadly and debilitating diseases.
"Well," I hear you commenting already, "what about all those side effects, governmental conspiracies to give whole populations AIDS, vaccine-induced autism and mercury toxicity I read about caused specifically by the vaccines?"
Many studies on the other side of pro-vaccinating show conclusively that more people die when they are NOT given the vaccines than are affected adversely when given vaccines.